Our Core Values

Seven core values drive the excellence that gives Teknor Apex our position as a sought after industry leader.


We hold ourselves to high ethical standards and promote personal ownership and product stewardship across our business. We choose to do the right thing for our employees, customers, and partners.


We uphold high standards of corporate social responsibility and take seriously the obligation to be stewards of the welfare of the communities in which we operate. We achieve sustainable growth and success through our dedicated long-term workforce.


We form long-term, collaborative relationships with our employees, customers, and suppliers. We believe a strong partnership allows all parties to achieve success through collaboration and open communication.


We foster an atmosphere that encourages creative thinking for our teams to solve challenges. We collaborate to find new approaches to our processes and products so that we may deliver solutions that make a difference. We accept failure as a learning step along the path to mutual success.


We work diligently to fulfill our commitments and take responsibility for the quality and timeliness of our work. Our dedication to teamwork motivates us to ensure our processes, practices and policies of the company are followed in our pursuit of excellence.


We are committed to a safe work environment for our employees and have a strict adherence to safety standards. We are a strong steward of the environment and manage our business to ensure the safety of our operations and products globally.


We embrace and value diversity of thought and experiences others bring forth. We demonstrate genuine appreciation for each other’s contributions and treat one another with dignity and fairness.

Leadership Pledge

The Leadership Pledge

  1. I will treat everyone with respect and professionalism.
  2. I am committed to creating an environment conducive to learning so individuals can thrive and achieve success in their careers
  3. I will provide a safe work environment.
  4. I will hold myself to high moral standards.
  5. With the understanding that innovation is a requirement of sustainability, I pledge to support and challenge each other to experiment, conduct continuous improvement and develop new methodologies.
  6. I will listen to new ideas and look at failure as an opportunity for learning.
  7. I will reward your performance with recognition.
  8. I will create a high performance, high trust culture that is open, honest, and committed to excellence.
  9. I will encourage collaboration between internal work groups and between all facilities.
  10. I pledge to hold myself and others accountable to commitments regardless of status.
  11. I will celebrate our achievements and recognize employee contributions.
  12. I pledge to be thoughtful, considerate, and empathetic to each other to build a trusting work community.

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